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Noun1.cargo liner - a liner that carries cargocargo liner - a liner that carries cargo    
ocean liner, liner - a large commercial ship (especially one that carries passengers on a regular schedule)
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GrabPet cars have special equipment to ensure the best and most comfortable transport service to both the pet and its parent, such as: pet kennel, waterproof cargo liner and pet barrier.
Grab will provide drivers eligible for the feature with a pet kennel, which can fit one large breed dog, or two medium breed dogs or two cats; a waterproof cargo liner for the car's rear area; and a pet barrier.
Two recorders captured the sounds of the cargo liner and nearby whales.
Cargo liner RMS St Helena, one of only four remaining Royal Mail ships, has weighed anchor in the South Atlantic for the last time.
Cargo liner RMS St Helena - one of only two remaining Royal Mail Ships - will now carry on sailing from Cape Town throughout 2017 as the island's only link to the outside world.
In its report 'Asia-Pacific Sector Outlook 4Q 2016: Net Negative Outlook Bias Rises to 13 percent from 11 percent,' SandP said the ports sector would feel the most impact from this regional headwind, fueled further by the recent bankruptcy filing of South Korean cargo liner Hanjin Shipping.
Cihan, bearing a Marshall Islands flag, is a dry cargo liner with a capacity of 44,343 gross tons.
In 2010, Iran constructed its first ever ocean-going cargo liner but has never constructed a liner able to transport people and research facilities along regular long-distance maritime routes.
(British India) passenger cargo liner, Dara, off Dubai's coast exactly 50 years ago, in which 238 lives were lost -- the worst maritime disaster in the emirate's history.
It may have been to honour those who had died in a maritime disaster involving British cargo liner Dara in the Persian Gulf a few days earlier.
Swire s cargo liner Pacific Adventurer released about 200,000 litres (53,000 US gallons) of heavy fuel oil off the coast of Queensland state, blackening scores of popular tourist beaches in one of the country s worst spills.