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A person who plays a carillon.

[French, from carillon, carillon; see carillon.]


(kəˌrɪljəˈnɜː) or


(Music, other) a person who plays a carillon


(ˌkær ə ləˈnɜr; esp. Brit. kəˈrɪl yə nər)

a performer on the carillon.
[1765–75; < French: see carillon, -eur]
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Noun1.carillonneur - a musician who plays a carillon
instrumentalist, musician, player - someone who plays a musical instrument (as a profession)
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I begged my family for music lessons since I was maybe four years old, but they didn't have enough money to start me on piano until I was almost 10," says Ng, the daughter of economic migrants from Hong Kong and China, who now teaches carillon at the University of Michigan, where she also serves as the university carillonist.
NCA Lead Carillonist, Lyn Fuller, stated that the quality of performances from the Carillon and the visitors experience will be significantly enhanced by the project.
lutenist, and carillonist Hans Kockelmans, who has written a number of
I discovered that many of the esteemed Berkeley Carillon players are students of mathematics and statistics; engineering; biology, chemistry, and bioengineering; computer science and physics--and one carillonist is a clinical laboratory scientist in the HLA Molecular Diagnostics Lab at the Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute.