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Carina Elgan (PhD), Course Director, Kristianstad University, Sweden, Dr.
When lawyer Michael Ferdinand Marcos Manotoc took Carina Amelia Gamboa Manglapus as his bride in a private wedding in Makati City on Nov.
KODALINE drummer Vinny May tied the knot with his stunning fiance Carina Elliott yesterday.
Carina Burn, who lives with her parents Robin and Julia in Burry Port, near Llanelli, was 19 in 2010 when two carers untrained in the technique called Facilitated Communication (FC) claimed she had told them she had been sexually abused by her father with the cooperation of her mother.
The mean distance from the tube tip to the carina and that from the vocal cords to tube cuff were compared between the control and experimental tests in each group.
Carina Birrell might be Scotland's bestknown actress having been watched by an audience of more than 11million in just one year.
com)-- Antigua Business Focus recently featured OBMI Managing Director Carina Harney in their summer publication.
Synopsis: Carina Rourke is a young American growing up in blissful innocence in the Middle East until at age fifteen she is captivated by an obsessive desire to search inside of her mother's forbidden jewelry box.
The filmmakers have chosen to shed light on the events through the point of view of Carina Cuanna Thedora Thuijs (Denise Ankel), a Dutch student who came to Ankara to research the status of Turkish women and later on participated in the Pir Sultan Abdal Culture Festival in Sivas with her female friends from Ankara.
Still, leads Chow Yun-fat, Nick Cheung and Carina Lau give their charming best, helping the pic become China's current box office champ--a winning streak that probably won't extend beyond Asia.