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 (kăr′ə-nāt′, -nĭt) also car·i·nat·ed (-nā′tĭd)
Shaped like or having a carina or keel; ridged.
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Adj.1.carinated - having a ridge or shaped like a ridge or suggesting the keel of a ship; "a carinate sepal"
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(83) In Achaia in the western Peloponnese, a tomb at Katarraktis provided a silver bowl, a hemispherical bronze bowl, a bowl with wishbone handle, and a carinated bowl.
Many of the hallmarks of the Mardikh IIB2/Late Selenkahiye ("EB IVB") Period at the end of the third millennium appear, including shallow carinated bowls with vertical rims (plate 98) and globular goblets with collared rims (plate 105-J-M).
The shape most generally associated with LC cult practice is the Base Ring II carinated cup (see above, Fig.
Carinated bowl forms present at other early sites in Fiji (e.g., Best 1984:299; Birks, 1973:56) are absent from the oldest deposits at Qaranicagi (a single slightly carinated body sherd was recovered from spit 15).
The most characteristic ceramic type in the archaeological assemblages of the period is the flat carinated bowl, which defines the Late Neolithic in the region.
Tergites VII-X inconspicuously carinated, degree of carination varying among individuals; tergites VII and VIII longitudinally bicarinated, IX and X single-carinated.
1D): Oval body, dorsally convex; light browned head wider than longer and with the tylus surpassing the juga; four dark browned spines at the margin of the jugum; pale reddish eyes; pale yellowed rostral segments, reaching the basal part of the metanotum; light browned antennal segments I-III, pale yellowed antennal IV segment; light browned pronotum wider than longer with dark browned deep punctuations at its surface and with the anterolateral light browned margin smooth and carinated; white mesonotum with disperse punctuations at the basal part; wing pads evident; scutellum wider than longer covering slightly the metanotum; light browned anterior legs; paled yellowish middle and third pair of legs; white abdomen with dark browned mesial plates, slightly rectangular.
Objects include several distinctive types of earthenware pottery, with carinated bowls, high-fired orange ware, line and wave ware, relatively high-fired matte-surfaced semi-fine ware bowls, and to a lesser extent kendi, being the most common diagnostic Dvaravati types (fig.
Propodeum with areolate sculpture, lateral and median propodeal carinae present, transversely carinated in the region comprised between the lateral carinae (Fig.
In the Solomon Islands, pig bone was found with plain pottery, including a carinated bowl, at the Sikumango (Be.53) site on Bellona Island (Poulsen 1972), and on nearby Rennell Island several pig teeth were found at the base of the LC-2 rock shelter (Chikamori & Takasugi (1985: 107): both sites are tentatively dated to AD 0, but it is not known when the islands were first colonised.
Abdomen dorsally carinated on all somites, except on somite 1; somites 3-6 with a posteromesial tooth, that of somite 3 longer than any other.