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or car-jack (kär′jăk′)
tr.v. car·jacked, car·jack·ing, car·jacks or car-jacked or car-jack·ing or car-jacks
To take or attempt to take (a motor vehicle) from another person by use of force or intimidation.

car′jack′er n.


(Law) the act of attacking a driver in a car in order to rob the driver or to steal the car


(ˈkɑrˌdʒæk ɪŋ)
the forcible stealing of a vehicle from its driver.
car′jack`er, n.
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Noun1.carjacking - the violent theft of an occupied car
highjack, hijack - seizure of a vehicle in transit either to rob it or divert it to an alternate destination
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The same gang has been blamed for carjacking and the murder of 35-year-old businessman Frankline Mugambi in Kasarani on January 6.
Michael Jorgensen, 29, of the 1200 block of Tuscany Drive was charged with murder and vehicular carjacking, two counts of aggravated DUI related to an accident or death, and two traffic violations.
Grab condemned on Saturday the killing of one of its drivers in an apparent carjacking incident.
The Andrews Labor Government will today introduce legislation to create tough new offences for carjacking and home invasion to give police the laws they need to keep the community safe.
The victim suffered a cut to an arm during Friday evening's carjacking.
WORCESTER -- Two city residents arrested in Worcester Tuesday on carjacking charges are also wanted by Leicester police investigating the theft of a laptop filled with cherished photos of a boy who died in 2006.
A BRITISH Embassy convoy in Libya has come under fire in an attempted carjacking, as Britons were urged to leave the country immediately.
THE Delhi Police claimed to have solved five carjacking cases on Friday, with the arrest of two members of an auto- lifting gang operating in the NCR.
A North Bend man arrested on suspicion of carjacking and kidnapping a man at gunpoint, and nearly carjacking a woman's vehicle during a wild crime spree in Northern California, also may be linked to the death of a woman near Reedsport, authorities said Tuesday.
Egypt's central bank chief has been the victim of a carjacking after three masked gunmen attacked his vehicle, killing his bodyguard, MENA reported on Wednesday.
Summary: A gunpoint carjacking left five women stranded in Gemmayzeh at 2 a.
The now notorious "zombie drug" bath salts may be to blame in the case of a nude carjacking in Scottsdale, Ariz.