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 (kär-mĭn′ə-tĭv, kär′mə-nā′-)
Inducing the expulsion of excess gas from the stomach and intestines.
A carminative drug or agent.

[Middle English carminatif, from Old French, from Latin carminātus, past participle of carmināre, to card wool, from *carmen, card for wool, from cārere, to card.]
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(Pharmacology) able to relieve flatulence
(Pharmacology) a carminative drug
[C15: from French carminatif, from Latin carmināre to card wool, remove impurities, from cārere to card]
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(kɑrˈmɪn ə tɪv, ˈkɑr məˌneɪ tɪv)

1. expelling gas from the stomach and bowel.
2. a carminative medicine.
[1645–55; < Late Latin carmināt(us), past participle of carmināre to purify (Latin: to card (wool)]
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Noun1.carminative - medication that prevents the formation of gas in the alimentary tract or eases its passing
medicament, medication, medicinal drug, medicine - (medicine) something that treats or prevents or alleviates the symptoms of disease
Adj.1.carminative - relieving gas in the alimentary tract (colic or flatulence or griping)
healthful - conducive to good health of body or mind; "a healthful climate"; "a healthful environment"; "healthful nutrition"; "healthful sleep"; "Dickens's relatively healthful exuberance"
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