carminic acid

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car·min·ic acid

A red crystalline compound, C22H20O13, that is extracted from female cochineal insects and is used as a biological stain, complexing agent, and acid-base indicator.
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Request for sample copy of this report Carmine is a pigment of a bright-red color obtained from the aluminum salt of carminic acid. Dairy & frozen products was the major application segment for carmine market owing to the increasing use in dairy products such as butter, cheese, ghee, ice creams and many more.
Dried cochineal, contains 17 % to 24% carminic acid, is carefully extracted in an acidic, aqueous, alcoholic solution to produce red, orange color dye.Cochineal Extract Market Segmentation: Cochineal extract market is segmented on the basis of its form, application and region.
Standard method to determine the amount of boron in treated wood using azomethine-H or carminic acid. Standard A65-16.
Second, the study reports the use of dyes derived from the natural dye Nocheztli (carminic acid) and carmine, in the design and innovation of two DSSCs: (a) Sn[O.sub.2]: F/Ti[O.sub.2.sup.b]/Ti[O.sub.2.sup.m]/carminic acid/redox ([I.sub.-]/[I.sub.3.sup.-])/Pt/Sn[O.sub.2]:F and (b) Sn[O.sub.2]:F/Ti[O.sub.2.sup.b]/Ti[O.sub.2.sup.m]/carmine/redox (T /If)/Pt/Sn[O.sub.2]:F.
Moreover, the ingredients of commercial watermelon jelly were as follows: Vitamin C, flavourings and colorants (E100: curcumin and E120: carminic acid) and acidity regulators (fumaric acid, sodium citrate).
Chen, "Amperomteric ethanol biosensor based on alcohol dehydrogenase immobilized at poly-L-lysine coated carminic acid functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotube film," International Journal of Electrochemical Science, vol.
Only females produce the carminic acid that is responsible for the intense red colouring.
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Historically produced from carminic acid, the pigment is extracted from the "Ararat", or Armenian cochineal, an endangered insect that lives in the roots of a plant in the Ararat Plain and Aras River valley that runs through and alongside Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Iran.