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1. Relating to the physical and especially sexual appetites: carnal desire.
2. Worldly or earthly; temporal: the carnal world.
3. Of or relating to the body or flesh; bodily: carnal remains.

[Middle English, from Old North French carnel, from Latin carnālis, from Latin carō, carn-, flesh; see sker- in Indo-European roots.]

car·nal′i·ty (kär-năl′ĭ-tē) n.
car′nal·ly adv.
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carnalism, carnality

the practice of finding satisfaction in activities related to fleshly desires and appetites, especially the sexual. — carnal, adj.
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Noun1.carnality - feeling morbid sexual desire or a propensity to lewdness
amativeness, sexiness, amorousness, erotism - the arousal of feelings of sexual desire
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A preoccupation with the body and satisfaction of its desires:
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Carnality has become the order of the day among many pastors.
Her stoicism in the face of a stranger's probing finger commented on Michael's carnality and opportunism.
I got married, and there is nothing like marriage to flush our carnality to the surface.
In O Olho (The Eye), 2018, shapes reminiscent of tongues emerged from orifices and cords wrapped themselves around the predominantly oval volume, giving the work a carnality echoing Bataille's lubricious tale.
The culture we embrace - that increasingly accepts EJK, machismo and misogyny, the willingness to bully the weak and cave in to the strong, the justification for carnality and crassness as simple humor, and the tweaking of truth beyond recognition-says something terrifying about us.
So was Glenn Seven Allen's keen, sturdy lyric tenor; his Jack Twist achingly limned the path from horny carnality to doomed, desperate love.
Overshadowed by carnality and inordinate appetite, he can't think of spiritualism.
Under the stars, I now share this candor with the deviousness, deception and carnality of other signs.
Its discussion of the production and reception of texts exposes the distinctions and interplay between men and women, spirituality and carnality, sincerity and satire, autonomy and heteronomy, homo- and hetero-sexuality, and patricians and the poor.
There is an odd atmosphere of boredom and carnality around the table, while off to the right a dutiful young man in more archaic dress turns the water into wine for his mother.
It was the least exalted level, and it was consistently associated with carnality and slavery.