carnauba wax

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Noun1.carnauba wax - hard yellowish to brownish wax from leaves of the carnauba palm used especially in floor waxes and polishes
carnauba palm, Copernicia cerifera, Copernicia prunifera, wax palm, carnauba - Brazilian fan palm having an edible root; source of a useful leaf fiber and a brittle yellowish wax
wax - any of various substances of either mineral origin or plant or animal origin; they are solid at normal temperatures and insoluble in water
cera de carnauba
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For the do-it-yourself crowd, the online "Guide to Less-Toxic Products" (from the Environmental Health Association of Nova Scotia) suggests concocting your own all-natural wood floor wax by warming up a combination of olive oil, vodka, beeswax and carnauba wax.
The solid balm is SPF 10, providing protection from UV rays throughout the day, while a mix of carnauba wax, beeswax and camphor, keeps lips hydrated and kiss-ably soft.
50 SRP) are phosphate free and made from plant- and mineral-based ingredients such coconut surfactants, carnauba wax and citric acid, to naturally remove dirt, oil and grease.
Composed of only natural ingredients, the 'Go Green' cleaner consists of Kaolin Clay, which encapsulates and emulsifies dirt particles, and a natural Carnauba wax, derived from leaves and seeds of a Brazilian tree, that protects and polishes the vehicle.
And I've got to make sure I'm not allergic to any of the gum ingredients: E104, E171, E321 and carnauba wax.
Compounds based on fluoroelastomers will many times contain a small part loading of carnauba wax to improve mold release properties (ref.
Table 4: Worldwide Market for Natural and Synthetic Waxes (2008E): Percentage Breakdown of Volume Sales for North America, Asia (Including Japan), Europe, Latin America, and Rest of World (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-10 Characteristics and Properties II-10 Important Physico-Chemical Properties of Wax II-10 Product Categories II-11 Natural Waxes II-11 Animal and Insect Waxes II-11 Beeswax II-12 Beeswax-Product Highlights II-12 Application Areas II-12 Cosmetics II-12 Medicine II-13 Candles II-13 Metal Castings and Modeling II-13 Food Processing II-13 Textiles II-13 Printing II-14 Others II-14 Spermaceti II-14 Lanolin II-14 Others II-14 Shellac II-14 Chinese Insect Wax II-15 Vegetable Waxes II-15 Carnauba II-15 Carnauba Wax - Product Highlights II-15
Formulated with hydrophobic polymers and genuine carnauba wax, it works on all exterior surfaces including plastic, rubber and trim.
00 (Cetearyl alcohol (and) ceteareth-20) Refined #1Yellow Carnauba Wax (Frank B Ross Co.
Scientists in South Korea examined the potential of a carnauba wax and lemongrass oil nanoemulsion coating to increase the microbial safety and shelf life of plums.
The Wax Includes Brazilian Carnauba Wax and the finest Bavarian Montan Wax, to deliver a brilliant shine.
49) which uses kaolin mud, carnauba wax and beeswax to keep strands firmly in place.