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 (kär-nēl′yən) also cor·nel·ian (kôr-)
A pale to deep red or reddish-brown variety of clear chalcedony, used in jewelry.

[Middle English corneline, from Old French, from cornel, cornel, from Latin cornus.]
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(Minerals) a red or reddish-yellow translucent variety of chalcedony, used as a gemstone
[C17: variant of cornelian, from Old French corneline, of uncertain origin; car- spelling influenced by Latin carneus flesh-coloured]
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(kɑrˈnil yən)

also cornelian

a reddish variety of chalcedony used in jewelry.
[1685–95; variant (with a of carnation) of cornelian < Middle French, probably < Old French cornele cornel cherry]
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Noun1.carnelian - a translucent red or orange variety of chalcedony
calcedony, chalcedony - a milky or greyish translucent to transparent quartz
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[kɑːˈniːljən] ncornalina
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"Susie Perkins came to school today with a lovely red carnelian ring.
I didn't envy her then, for I felt that millions of carnelian rings wouldn't have made me happy after that.
One discovered that money couldn't keep shame and sorrow out of rich people's houses, another that, though she was poor, she was a great deal happier, with her youth, health, and good spirits, than a certain fretful, feeble old lady who couldn't enjoy her comforts, a third that, disagreeable as it was to help get dinner, it was harder still to go begging for it and the fourth, that even carnelian rings were not so valuable as good behavior.
TdLG's 'kamagong' purse with carnelian stone and leather tassels
Women are exemplars of strength and should never give up on achieving their goals." Nida Awan, an Associate Consultant at Carnelian was also present at the occasion.
The car is available in a range of colours, such as White Orchid Pearl, Alabaster Silver Metallic, Modern Steel Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl, Golden Brown Metallic and Carnelian Red Pearl.
Turkmen decorations, meanwhile, are massive with a clearly readable silhouette and plenty of charms; they are decorated with gilt and engraved with inlays of carnelian," the statement said.
Other items in demand include religious pamphlets containing special prayers, dates, bottles of Zamzam water, copies of the Qur'an, children's accessories, Qur'an audio cassettes, religious books, and several items of precious stones, such as carnelian and amber.
It is decorated with precious-metal enamels, filigrees, and gems such as emerald, topaz, amethyst, agate, and carnelian. The microchemical structure of the gold layers was revealed as well as the complex interface between painted-on gold layers and silver substrates.
The new CR-V is available in a total of five exterior colours options are being offered - Carnelian Red Pearl, Sparking Brown Metallic, Urban Titanium Metallic, Taffeta White and Alabaster Silver Metallic.
Lisa's Organics, a Carnelian Bay, Calif.-based manufacturer of frozen vegetables, has introduced a line of frozen veggies with chef-inspired sauces in gourmet flavors like California Vegetables in Balsamic Glaze and Broccoli Florets in Gorgonzola Herb Sauce.