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1. An official pass or permit, especially one for crossing national boundaries.
2. A book of postage stamps.

[French, notebook, carnet, from Old French quernet, pocket notebook, from quaer, quire; see quire1.]


1. (Law)
a. a customs licence authorizing the temporary importation of a motor vehicle
b. an official document permitting motorists to cross certain frontiers
2. a book of tickets, travel coupons, etc
[French: notebook, from Old French quernet, ultimately from Latin quaternī four at a time; see quire1]
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Rangoonwala said that TIR system had six core pillars: secure vehicles or containers, international guarantee chain, TIR Carnet, reciprocal recognition of customs control, controlled access by Customs and International Road Transport Union and TIR IT risk management tools.
A new SE Navigation model will also join the range based on the mid-range SE trim it adds Discover Navigation with CarNet Guide and Inform for an additional PS675.
To review the complete CARNet test results and detailed methodology, please visit: http://www.
The delegation, which represented Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the General Authority of Customs, attended lectures on the ATA Carnet admission procedures.
The delegation, which represents Qatar Commerce and Industry Chamber and the General Authority of Customs, attended lectures on the ATA Carnet admission procedures.
In the first quarter of 2015, the number of ATA Carnets issued and received in the UAE jumped 70 per cent compared to the same period in 2014, Hamad Bu Amim, president and CEO of Dubai Chamber, said on Tuesday at a ceremony organised by the chamber to celebrated the fifth anniversary of the launch of the ATA Carnet System in the UAE.
La loi sur l'exercice des professions ambulantes et la reglementation de la circulation des nomades oblige tout nomade, quelle que soit sa nationalite, a faire viser (avec l'indication du lieu, du jour et de l'heure) son carnet individuel, etabli des l'age de 13 ans revolus, a l'arrivee et au depart de chaque commune, comme elle le contraint en vertu du decret du 16 fevrier 1913 a se soumettre aux differentes mensurations et identifications photographiques (une double photographie, de profil droit et de face) consignees sur ces carnets:
In preparation for its certification, the first Haliade 150 will undergo a series of year-long tests on land at the Carnet site, before a second turbine is placed in the sea off the Belgian coast in autumn 2012.
According to Barlow, the ATA Carnet saves export-active companies substantial amounts of money by eliminating the need to post the financial guarantees that most countries require on products that are brought in, and taxes such as the value-added tax.
The President of the Republic of Macedonia, Gjorge Ivanov, addressed the opening of the 12th Annual CARNet Users Conference - CUC 2010 of the Croatian Academic and Research Network in Split, Croatia, on 15 November.
Promotion of ATA Carnet System, formation of EU-SAARC Business Council, B-2-B Meetings, exchange of commercial and business information, economic empowerment of women and young entrepreneurs were also discussed.
An investigation has uncovered the full extent of how the shamed former First Lady of Ulster politics threw her weight behind a controversial building project by Campbell's company Carnet Developments to turn the site in Co Down into housing.