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Noun1.carob tree - evergreen Mediterranean tree with edible podscarob tree - evergreen Mediterranean tree with edible pods; the biblical carob
algarroba, algarroba bean, carob, carob bean, locust bean, locust pod - long pod containing small beans and sweetish edible pulp; used as animal feed and source of a chocolate substitute
bean tree - any of several trees having seedpods as fruits
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Rana Mustafa found a way to manufacture chocolate from Carob tree (Ceratonia siliqua) whose fruit was used as food for humans since 2000 BC.
If the law (halakhah) is as I claim, let this carob tree prove it; and the carob tree was uprooted a distance of 100 cubits ...
Formulated with such antioxidant ingredients as kapi kacchu seeds, carob tree extract and vitamins C and E, the bronzer doubles as a hydrating skin care treatment.
Here and there an olive or carob tree provides precious shade, and passers-by become possessive about a particular one.
My German guide Michael explained the carob tree - I'd previously associated it with luscious, chocolate honey-style syrup - was the basis for an ancient bartering and weighing system.
In 2004 Historic Gardens Review helped to save the garden round the Pueyrredon Museum near Buenos Aires, with ancient carob tree under which the Argentinian general planned his country's liberation with Jose de San Martin in the 1810s; while closer to home a campaign is under way to stop Camden Council erecting senti-permanent marquees in London's Lincoln's Inn Fields.
It is actually the fruit of the carob tree, found in Europe in places like Italy and Spain.
Said he to them: "If the law agrees with me, let this carob tree prove it," whereupon the carob tree was torn a hundred cubits out of its place (others affirm, four hundred cubits).
Carob tree does not show any relevant variation dynamics of leaf Mg concentrations (Cruz et al., 1988).
Frankfurt, Germany-based Nutrinova launched Caromax, a dietary fiber from the fruit of the carob tree with a total dietary fiber content of more than 80 percent.
Eliezer produced all of the arguments in the world, but they did not accept them from him So he said to them, 'If the law accords with my position, this carob tree will prove it."
I found God in my perch in the ancient carob tree at the fork of the dusty lane which ran alongside my parents' five hundred year old house.