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1. A song of praise or joy, especially for Christmas.
2. An old round dance often accompanied by singing.
v. car·oled, car·ol·ing, car·ols also car·olled or car·ol·ling
1. To sing in a loud, joyous manner.
2. To go from house to house singing Christmas songs.
1. To celebrate in or as if in song: caroling the victory.
2. To sing loudly and joyously.

[Middle English carole, round dance with singing, from Old French, probably from Late Latin choraula, choral song, from Latin choraulēs, accompanist, from Greek khoraulēs : khoros, choral dance; see gher- in Indo-European roots + aulos, flute.]

car′ol·er, car′ol·ler n.
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Noun1.caroler - a singer of carolscaroler - a singer of carols      
singer, vocalist, vocalizer, vocaliser - a person who sings
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Photo: For safety in the dark, one caroler wears a white sandwich board with reflective tape (far left), another wears a jogger's chest band.
December Carolers : 56% of all shoppers get most of their shopping done at various times throughout the month of December, 7% of whom indicate shopping at the last minute, specifically:
This year guests can stroll through the decorated, historic village; listen to carolers and local choirs sing Christmas classics; take a horse-drawn winter sleigh ride (weather permitting); enjoy the warmth from a crackling bonfire and fireplaces; and even visit with Old Saint Nick.
Philipps and The Messy Melodies, Clorox's own band of comedic holiday carolers, hit the streets of New York City to bring holiday Bleachable Moments to life through song.
Let wreaths be laid, bug les blow; let the mortarboard, gown, and roll gladden the hearts of kin and friends assembled; let the bride, in virgin white, and the groom exchange their vows; let the marchers march, the bands play, the flag wave, the pyrotechnics light up the evening sky; let the witch ride her broom, the goblins scare the wits out of us, the ghosts roam, and the pumpkin-face at the window grin; let the bird make its grand entry and grace the groaning board; let the lights on the tree reflectin the eyes of happy children; let gifts beneath pile high and carolers sing.
To complete the experience, horse-drawn carriages, trolley rides, historic home tours, strolling carolers, art exhibits, and more set the stage for a reminiscent stroll back in time.
the spirit of giving, the InterContinental Jordan takes pride in its yearly tradition of bringing Santa Clause & Christmas carolers from FUNMAN International to the orphanage,.
CHRISTMAS carolers will be filling a Tyneside Gospel Hall with their festive harmonies.
RP Miller tried to drive interest to the building about two weeks ago with carolers singing outside an open house at the project.
There were also seven Christmas carolers, six face-painting elves, five emperor penguins, four live reindeer, three flowing chocolate fountains, two caricature artists and one Olympic-size ice skating rink.
Newlyweds Jan and Bob Simpich began crafting handmade carolers as gifts for their family in 1952, for their friends the following year, and for an ever-growing circle of collectors in the time since.