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1. A song of praise or joy, especially for Christmas.
2. An old round dance often accompanied by singing.
v. car·oled, car·ol·ing, car·ols also car·olled or car·ol·ling
1. To sing in a loud, joyous manner.
2. To go from house to house singing Christmas songs.
1. To celebrate in or as if in song: caroling the victory.
2. To sing loudly and joyously.

[Middle English carole, round dance with singing, from Old French, probably from Late Latin choraula, choral song, from Latin choraulēs, accompanist, from Greek khoraulēs : khoros, choral dance; see gher- in Indo-European roots + aulos, flute.]

car′ol·er, car′ol·ler n.
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Noun1.caroller - a singer of carolscaroller - a singer of carols      
singer, vocalist, vocalizer, vocaliser - a person who sings
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Mother Rachael Tomkins said: "Jamie |dressed as a Xmas caroller & Emily dressed as a star"
This has led to speculation that the mysterious caroller could be the ghost of a nun killed for her support of the Royalists during unrest following the English Civil War in the late 17th century.
"They will be accompanied by drummers, bag-pipers and carollers."The march organised by the Old Town borough, Dobraacute Novina charity and the Order of Friars Minor, will start at Rybneacute Square at 14:30 and will end at the Main Square.
Meanwhile, carollers were collecting loose change by the fist-full and a group of the kids forgot it was cold and wet and they were bored as they gathered around the Nativity scene in Church Street, faces alight with wonder at a collection of plastic figures.
A crackling fire, warm mince pies and the sound of carollers - Christmas could be a tranquil time if it wasn't for naughty pets.
Throughout the museum campus, hear Victorian-era carols by the Canterbury Carollers at 2:30, 3:30 and 4:45 pm.
Like the cartoon, there is no spoken dialogue and only a short burst of singing from a group of carollers breaks the stillness of the orchestral background.
Every school had a child whose angelic voice would see parents wiping away tears during a solo of Away in a Manger and he, or she, would be offered various bribes to join a particular group of carollers.
Dozens of fine-voiced carollers toured the pubs and public places of the village to bring some early festive joy and raise money for Marsden's 14th District Scouts and St Bartholomew's Church.
Over the next few weeks, it's a focal point for carollers, and since 2009, the British Poetry Society has commissioned new poems which are inscribed on banners displayed around its base.
"Lumley Castle is always a magical place at Christmas but we're hoping that our carollers will help add that special touch to what is set to be the perfect festive afternoon."
This will include carollers and mendicants who beg along Edsa because this slows down and stops vehicles, Almendras said in a press conference after a traffic meeting at the MMDA headquarters Wednesday afternoon.