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See haček.

[Origin unknown.]


an inverted circumflex
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Old Pierre Le Caron, who owned it, was a right good comrade, and had ever a seat and a crust for a weary archer.
why, think of the four sergeants of Rochelle, Ney, Berton, Caron, the brothers Faucher, and the massacres.
Caron says that if he can help organic farmers maintain sustain-ability and profitability by promoting safe, environmentally friendly practices, then it is good for all of Ontario.
Caron, a manufacturer of cabinet doors based in Montmagny, QUE, recently signed an agreement with the Tree Canada Foundation to plant 5,000 trees every year in various conservation projects in Canada, plus some in the United States.
Housekeeper Caron Barnes thought she was well on the way to motherhood after a mystery donor answered her last-ditch attempt to have a baby.
BROADCASTER Gloria Hunniford has spoken of suffering the ``deepest raw wound'' after losing her daughter Caron Keating to breast cancer.
CARON KEATING'S husband has spoken for the first time of their emotional last hours before she lost her battle with breast cancer.
Wales' St David takes on France's St Caron, but in name only - as they never met and died in the fifth and sixth centuries.
Gloria Hunniford yesterday led tributes to her 'courageous' daughter Caron Keating, saying: 'I feel so proud to be your mum.
GLORIA Hunniford led tributes to her courageous daughter Caron Keating, saying: I feel so proud to be your mum.
In 1999, CARON began a partnership with Huber, of Germany, to provide sales, installation, and service for the high performance Huber Unistat hydraulically sealed circulators along with over 100 models of low temperature baths and chillers.