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n. carotodinia, dolor causado por presión de la arteria carótida.
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Claudication (38%-81%), Carotidynia or vessel tenderness (13%-32%), Hypertension (28%-53%) (58% with renal artery stenosis in one series), Aortic regurgitation (20%-24%), Raynaud's syndrome (15%).
Features of vascular ischemia or inflammation such as claudication, diminished or absent pulse, bruit, carotidynia or asymmetric blood pressure in either upper or lower limbs (Or both) and typical angiographic features.
53 months with main presenting symptom being pain in the throat, foreign body sensation, referred otalgia, headache, carotidynia, dizziness and dysphagia.
Carotidynia is a common neck pain syndrome first described by Temple Fay in 1927.
Carotidynia is a symptom of unilateral vascular neck pain which was first described by Temple Fay in 1927.
In Lovshin's series, as in many others, no serious organic conditions were found among patients presenting with carotidynia, and all were treated symptomatically.
The pain of carotidynia is most often unilateral and localized to the neck, although radiation to the face, ear, or malar region is not uncommon.
Carotidynia Acute pharyngitis Peritonsillar abscess Dental disease Temporomandibular joint syndrome Lymphadenitis Submandibular gland disease Myositis/myalgia Histamine cephalgia Sinusitis Thyroiditis Tumor of tongue, salivary gland, or larynx Neuralgia
Carotidynia is a symptom based on a characteristic complaint accompanied by a unique physical finding.
Reported causes of carotidynia include migraine,(9) viral or postinfection,(10) giant cell (temporal) arteritis,(11) carotid artery dissection,(12) carotid artery aneurysm,(13) and total carotid artery occlusion.