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1. Very thinly sliced raw meat or fish, especially beef or tuna, garnished with a sauce.
2. A vegetarian dish in which zucchini, squash, or similar food is thinly sliced, served raw, and garnished with a dressing.

[Italian, after Vittore Carpacciowho favored red pigments.]
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(ˌkɑːˈpætʃɪəʊ; Italian karˈpattʃo)
n, pl -os
(Cookery) an Italian dish of thin slices of raw meat or fish
[possibly after the Italian painter Vittore Carpaccio (?1460–?1525)]


(ˌkɑːˈpætʃɪəʊ; -tʃəʊ; Italian karˈpattʃo)
(Biography) Vittore (vitˈtoːre). ?1460–?1525, Italian painter of the Venetian school
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(kɑrˈpɑ tʃoʊ, -tʃiˌoʊ)

Vittore, c1450–1525, Venetian painter.


(kɑrˈpɑ tʃoʊ, -tʃiˌoʊ)
thinly sliced raw beef or fish served with a piquant sauce.
[after V. Carpaccio]
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The menu will be changed to resemble that of a French eatery, and diners can expect an a la carte menu of unconventional recipes such as salmon with seaweed, carpaccio of octopus, and zucchini with marinated peach and marjoram jus.
Guests may begin their dining experience with refined antipasti selections such as Carpaccio di Zucchine (zucchini carpaccio with truffle oil, pistachio crumble and ricotta cheese mousse) or Baccala Mantecato alla Veneziana (Venetian style cod with extra virgin olive oil on grilled polenta).
The terrace is also home to Botania, a restaurant from the prestigious Larrumba Group, which features a garden patio and serves contemporary cuisine such as octopus carpaccio, fried artichokes and Jamon Iberico.
The dish, Carpaccio, was invented at Harry's bar in which European city?
My starter was beef carpaccio - or filetto di manzo al carpaccio on the authentic Italian menu.
The Wagyu Carpaccio came with pecorino romano, dehydrated olives, arugula, oven-dried grape tomatoes and truffle aioli.
But the call of the kitchen was too strong and the future chef found himself dropping out of school to work in fine dining establishments such as La Primavera in Greenbelt and Carpaccio along Yakal in Makati.
They comment on the quality of a chef's carpaccio as they beat him silly, and somewhere, you imagine, St.
Entrees include fish carpaccio with fresh Jeju snapper, organic Jeju asparagus with gnocchi, and tatin d'oignon made with Jeju onions.
This Vegetable Carpaccio recipe is a huge upgrade from baby carrots and cucumber slices, fit for a dinner party (tips for making it extra-cool a little later) or a casual night at home.
For info visit Venison carpaccio with roasted beetroot and horseradish creme fraiche Method Preheat the oven to 180oC/350oF/ Gas 5.
From pineapple carpaccio to ceviche to authentic pepper pot, sweet and savory dishes abound and delight.