carpe diem

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car·pe di·em

 (kär′pĕ dē′ĕm′, -əm, dī′-)
Used as an admonition to seize the pleasures of the moment without concern for the future.
Such an admonition.

[Latin : carpe, seize + diem, day.]
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carpe diem

(ˈkɑːpɪ ˈdiːɛm)
enjoy the pleasures of the moment, without concern for the future
[literally: seize the day!]
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car•pe di•em

(ˈkɑr pɛ ˈdi ɛm; Eng. ˈkɑr pi ˈdaɪ əm, ˈkɑr peɪ ˈdi əm)
Latin. seize the day; enjoy the present, without thought of the future.
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His forever controlling sentiment is that to which he gives perfect expression in his best-known song, 'Gather ye rosebuds,' namely the Horatian 'Carpe diem'--'Snatch all possible pleasure from the rapidly-fleeting hours and from this gloriously delightful world.' He is said to have performed his religious duties with regularity; though sometimes in an outburst of disgust at the stupidity of his rustic parishioners he would throw his sermon in their faces and rush out of the church.
The new registered address for Chubb European Group SE and ACE Europe Life SE is La Tour Carpe Diem, 31 Place des Corolles, Esplanade Nord, 92400 Courbevoie, France.
Carpe diem, on the other hand, is defined as the enjoyment of the pleasures of the moment without concern for the future.
They cover education policy and the effect on the provision of classics in schools, carpe diem: finding and taking opportunities to deliver classics for all, and classics in the future.
San Diego, CA, May 14, 2018 --( "Carpe Diem" is a new solo project in 432Hz (EP) by Barbra Angel.
CENTAURI, its latest offering, is a joint venture between XENON and Carpe Diem Technologies, a leading roll-to-roll nanotechnology developer and integrator.
Referring to her new book, 'How to Carpe Diem Every Day', Jasmine said: "It is a book about self-reflection.
Carpe Diem (abridged) IT TAKES one step to climb a mountain; even sheep don't have brains of wool When you think your cup is half empty, remember it's always half full.
The offer includes seven nights at the five-star Grecotel Creta Palace on a half-board basis, followed by three nights at the five-star Carpe Diem Suites and Spa on a B&B basis.
The tracks are "Paradise Painting" (4:05), "Prophecy" (3:57), "Sounds Like a Smell" (4:02), "A Passion Play (revisited)" (4:31), "Carpe Diem" (4:59), "Sister" (4:47), "Diving Into The Deep" (3:30), "New Day" (3:16), "Teguise" (4:07), "Two Worlds" (5:06), "She's So ..." (4:07), "Invisible Man" (2:47), and "End Of A Concert" (3:30).