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Noun1.carpenter's level - a straight bar of light metal with a spirit level in it
bar - a rigid piece of metal or wood; usually used as a fastening or obstruction or weapon; "there were bars in the windows to prevent escape"
spirit level, level - indicator that establishes the horizontal when a bubble is centered in a tube of liquid
plumb level - a carpenter's level with a plumb line at right angles to it
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Toolup Having the right equipment does help, so either borrow or buy the following items for a professional finish | Pasting table | Step ladders | Bucket (buy new to avoid any dirt that could affect paste) | Pasting brush - a soft bristled brush that squeezes out air bubbles and extra paste | Seam roller - a tool that helps to seal edges without marking surfaces | Wallpaper smoother - flexible plastic tool to smooth wallpaper and remove air bubbles | Carpenter's level / Plumb line - a tool that determines the vertical on an upright surface | Pushpins | Steel tape measure | Pencil | Scissors (and a jug of water to dip them in to remove paste) | Large scraper or spatula | Utility knife | 3.
One essential tool for building contractors is a carpenter's level, and molding critical parts for that device, it turns out, requires a special type of injection machine.
Using your first mark and a carpenter's level, mark a horizontal line on the two or three other legs.
They've been led by an offense that's as balanced as a carpenter's level.
This device fixes the exact distance to the target, then factors in the flight characteristic of the ammunition, and using something similar to a carpenter's level, indicates to the firer exactly what angle to hold the barrel.
By shopping the 140,000-plus applications at Apple's App Store, you can turn your phone into a flute, a magnifying glass, a carpenter's level, a bar code scanner, a jogger's odometer--even pay your car insurance premium.
Imagine having this carpenter's level inside you," she said.
Like the bubble inside the tube on a carpenter's level, a tingle rushed from my gut to my head as my center of gravity left the control of my legs and transitioned to the rope tied to the harness around my waist.
You'll find it useful to get on your hands and knees at this stage, using a 24- or 48-inch carpenter's level as a tool to smooth the final layers of aggregate as you add them with a small shovel.
This device works like a carpenter's level to measure tilting in Earth's surface.
The gas bubble 'floats' within the eye just like a carpenter's level, and the surgeon wants the bubble to lie against the macula at the end of the surgery to help the eye heal and reattach the retina.
If you do see them, there's usually a carpenter's level or a fishing pole where the rifle and shotgun once rode.