carpenter's square

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Noun1.carpenter's square - a steel square used by carpenterscarpenter's square - a steel square used by carpenters; larger than a try square
square - a hand tool consisting of two straight arms at right angles; used to construct or test right angles; "the carpenter who built this room must have lost his square"
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Supplies: Cloth tape measure, paper, pencil or felt-tip pen, scissors, ruler, compass, carpenter's square.
In addition to Christ the Master, who holds an orb and cross, the roll call goes as follows: St John, holding a cup; St Peter, key; St James the Greater, pilgrim's staff; St Andrew, saltire cross; St Simon Zelotes, carpenter's saw; St James the Less, fuller's bat; St Thomas, spear; St Matthew, carpenter's square; St Mathias, axe; St Bartholomew, flaying knife; St Philip, short cross; St Paul, sword; St Jude, processional cross.
In Latin, norma was the word for a carpenter's square, the tool that ensures a carpenter can regularly reproduce corners and edges that are straight and form right angles.
The word "normal" derives from the Latin norma, which means carpenter's square. "The poet Lucretius, commenting on the life of man, says that if you begin with false principles, you will be like a man whose straight edge is crooked and whose norma is out of square."
The Burris Scout's squares still look like they're drawn with a carpenter's square and a ruler.
* Tools: acrylic quilter's ruler, steel tape measure, carpenter's square, screwdriver, hacksaw, hammer, staple gun, hand saw
Things you will need * Ladder * Carpenter's square * Hand saw * Tape measure * Plasterboard sheet (same thickness as the plaster and lath together) * Sharp utility knife * Screwdriver * Screws * Tape * Joint compound * Sanding pad Fixing the ceiling * 1.
You clamp them to a carpenter's square to match the rise and run of a stair jack and then mark the notches.
Before you go ahead with anything else, use a set or carpenter's square to cut this edge first.
TOOLS: circular saw, table saw (optional), saber saw, electric drill, 3/8- and 1-inch paddle-blade drill bits, electric sander, carpenter's square, framing square, rasp, hammer, posthole digger, shovel, level, stepladder