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carp 1

intr.v. carped, carp·ing, carps
To complain or find fault in a petty or disagreeable way: carped about the poor service at the restaurant. See Synonyms at quibble.

[Middle English carpen, from Old Norse karpa, to boast.]

carp′er n.

carp 2

n. pl. carp or carps
1. A freshwater cyprinid fish (Cyprinus carpio) native to Eurasia that is widely bred in ponds for food.
2. Any of various fishes of the family Cyprinidae.

[Middle English carpe, from Old French carpe, from Medieval Latin carpa, of Germanic origin.]
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Noun1.carper - someone who constantly criticizes in a petty waycarper - someone who constantly criticizes in a petty way
critic - someone who frequently finds fault or makes harsh and unfair judgments


A person who finds fault, often severely and willfully:
References in classic literature ?
A carper might have said that Eddy was the least bit vague on the subject of the dear old days.
Some notorious carpers and squeamish moralists might be sulky with Lord Steyne, but they were glad enough to come when he asked them.
Meanwhile, Carper clarified that the decision was not in any way related to the horrific injury suffered by the Celtics' Gordon Hayward, who appeared to fracture his ankle just five minutes into the game.
Senators McCaskill and Carper also asked the National Archives for information about reports that White House staffers were ordered to use (http://www.
Not taking meaningful action, Carper noted, has taken a toll on the infrastructure as the U.
My goal for this hearing is to educate a new generation of people about this injustice and restart the conversation about finding a more thoughtful solution,'' Carper said.
Leonidas clarified that what ended in June 30 was the issuance of Notice of Coverage (NOC) for landholdings under the CARPER.
Carper said that as virtual currencies like Bitcoin and similar technologies continue to be increasingly utilized, it had to be ensured that governments were adequately protecting consumers and addressing lawbreakers without hindering innovation.
These figures certainly make it clear that the only way to alleviate the Postal Service's financial challenges is by passing comprehensive postal reform legislation," said Carper, who is co-sponsor of the measure with Senator Tom Coburn, an Oklahoma Republican.
The spokeswoman, Emily Spain, said that Carper expects the order will be issued before the end of February, based on signals he has received from the White House.
Tom Carper, D-DE, said his bill would give agencies and Congress the information they need to monitor IT investments.