carpet bomb

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Verb1.carpet bomb - bomb a large area systematically and extensively; "The U.S. decided to carpet bomb Vietnam"
bomb, bombard - throw bombs at or attack with bombs; "The Americans bombed Dresden"
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"We have found that a multivitamin can have a carpet bomb effect when it comes to combating internal inflammation caused by CRP," says Dr.
There, too, Washington's first instinct when things went badly was to reach for weapons better suited to another sort of conflict altogether, like the giant B-52 bombers used to carpet bomb Vietnamese jungles, to little effect.
Ted Cruz's plans to carpet bomb the Islamic State does not match Koch's thinking on how to solve the issue of extremism.
This goliath has been taking hits from listeners fighting with their MP3s, but they continue to carpet bomb the desert with Celine Dion, who can take the top of your head off with invisible piercing high notes.
Cruz went on to say he would "carpet bomb [Daesh] into oblivion."
I'M not advocating it, but in the interests of consistency, the UN should be preparing to carpet bomb the USA.
The United States began a fresh offensive on Wednesday using giant B52 bombers to carpet bomb Taliban troop positions.
Global warming may already be ravaging coastal communities and killing off species ( at an alarming rate , but it isn't about to carpet bomb dreams of having a white Christmas - at least not this year.
"When I hear somebody saying we should carpet bomb Iraq or Syria, not only is that inhumane, not only is that contrary to our values, but that would likely be an extraordinary mechanism for ISIL to recruit more people willing to die and explode bombs in an airport or in a metro station," Obama said, in a direct reference to remarks of Texas Senator Ted Cruz, a Republican presidential candidate.
In the US, Donald Trump proposed banning entry to all Muslims, and Ted Cruz wants to carpet bomb Middle Eastern cities to "see if sand can glow in the dark."