carpet tack

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Noun1.carpet tack - used to nail down carpets
tack - a short nail with a sharp point and a large head
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Ironically, the loudest part of the interior construction has been installing the carpet tack strip to the concrete," she says.
He saw the damage had been caused by a household carpet tack and later noticed a sign at the Tyneside end of the route which had been put up by Newcastle City Council, warning people about the tacks.
According to foot specialists, the key sign is early morning pain: It feels like you've stepped on a carpet tack when you get out of bed.
The work will include putting in new front doors, fire doors, carpet tack strips, a bicycle rack, crosswalks, and an alarm system, which will allow the district to discontinue round-the-clock security for the property that cost the district $21,000.
It has extruded prototype carpet tack strip from recycle, which cuts easily and performs as well as traditional wood strip.
A gentle tug should free the carpet from the carpet tack strip.
However, we made significant progress in reducing expenses at United when we stopped production of carpet tack strips at the end of June 1994 and began seeking a subcontractor for this production.
Young also said that total gross profits for ETI were dampened by higher than anticipated production costs for United Recycling's carpet tack strip product.
The national gendarmerie last night opened a criminal investigation against "persons unknown" for the carpet tack incident.
The equipment will allow United Recycling, which manufactures carpet tack strips made from recycled carpet material, to keep the entire manufacturing process in-house and process more used carpeting.
Finally, ETI's United Recycling (URI) subsidiary acquired three additional extruders for the production of recycled carpet material and ordered a nailing machine for the production of carpet tack strips.
Picture frames got broken, bottles of wine went missing - and I sat on a rusty carpet tack and got blood poisoning.