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tr. & intr.v. car·pet-bombed, car·pet-bomb·ing, car·pet-bombs
To bomb in a systematic and extensive pattern, so as to devastate a large target area uniformly.

car′pet-bomb′ing n.


[ˈkɑːpɪtˌbɒm] VTarrasar con bombas
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The offensive codenamed "Al Faisal Operation" is going across three main axles in the area and is backed by massive carpet-bombing, according to UAE News Agency (WAM).
Another opposition activist, Mohammed al-Ali, said the Russians and the Syrian government are carpet-bombing villages before pushing into them.
In fact, it might even have emboldened military planners into carpet-bombing Marawi and unleashing military might.
With the Syrian regime continuing to use unjustified force against civilians and Russia carpet-bombing and killing many innocent people, Syria's conflict continues to be the most prominent matter that Arab leaders need to address until a resolution is reached.
4 Philip Hammond warning Putin he had better stop carpet-bombing Syria.
But carpet-bombing kills civilians, not terrorists.
Mightn't we better do unto ourselves, first, what we intend to do (or have done) unto others, perhaps starting by carpet-bombing our military installations in Arizona, South Carolina, and suburban D.
I suddenly felt as if my social class was under attack, that any minute the Government would start bulldozing Hebden Bridge, carpet-bombing Saltaire and rounding up anyone who has ever spent a weekend on a drystone walling course.
King died fighting not just against poverty but against carpet-bombing in Vietnam; the war crimes under Nixon and Kissinger.
The coverage of the Toon's season so far - the broadcasting equivalent of carpet-bombing - cannot be a coincidence.
The degree to which sites are being blocked is akin to a carpet-bombing strategy.
Carpet-bombing suggested the muted obliteration of that which was too distant to be seen.