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A prostrate, mat-forming annual plant (Mollugo verticillata) widespread as a weed throughout North America and having whorled leaves and small, greenish-white flowers.
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(Plants) an annual weed, Mollugo verticillata, native to North America, which produces small white flowers
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(ˈkɑr pɪtˌwid)

a North American prostrate weed, Mollugo verticillata, having small whitish flowers.
[1775–85, Amer.]
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Noun1.carpetweed - annual prostrate mat-forming weed having whorled leaves and small greenish-white flowerscarpetweed - annual prostrate mat-forming weed having whorled leaves and small greenish-white flowers; widespread throughout North America
genus Molluga, Molluga - carpetweeds
weed - any plant that crowds out cultivated plants
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barberries brere abris barretries brere artis carpetweed * crewe apted heartseeds hated erses parrotries prore artis peopleless polls epees spallation * salto plain Here are all 4 of the 2-ply 11-letter zipwords which David has found:
(sedge), Cyperus esculentus (yellow nutsedge), Commelina benghalensis (day flower), Bidens pilosa (hairy beggarticks), Galinsoga parviflora (gallant soldier), Gnaphalium spicatum (spiked cudweed), Chamaesyce hirta (asthma plant), Brachiaria plantaginea (alexandergrass), Elusine indica (indian goosegrass), Mollugo verticillata (green carpetweed) Cenchrus echinatus (southern sandbur), Portulaca oleracea (little hogweed).
We champion the underdog surviving great adversity, and many botanical examples are here: Boston ivy under a dry shady highway overpass and a carpetweed getting all its moisture beneath an air conditioner drip.
Of non-native species, only Achillea millefolium (common yarrow), Daucus carota (wild carrot), Mollugo verticillata (carpetweed), Poa pratensis (Kentucky blue grass), Rumex acetosella (sour dock), and Tragapogon dubius (sand goat's-beard) were in our quadrats.
"Ice plant is 'An Old World annual herb of the carpetweed family with fleshy foliage covered with glistening papillate dots or vesicles.'" No one understands him.