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n. pl. car·po·go·ni·a
The flask-shaped female gamete of a red alga, having a trichogyne at one end.

[New Latin, from Greek karpogonos, bearing fruit : karpos, fruit; see carpo- + gonos, offspring; see genə- in Indo-European roots.]

car′po·go′ni·al adj.
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n, pl -nia (-nɪə)
(Biology) the female sex organ of red algae, consisting of a swollen base containing the ovum and a long neck down which the male gametes pass
ˌcarpoˈgonial adj
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(ˌkɑr pəˈgoʊ ni əm)

n., pl. -ni•a (-ni ə)
the one-celled female sex organ of some red algae that gives rise to the carpospores when fertilized.
car`po•go′ni•al, adj.
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Gametophytes exhibited separate whorls of densely compressed primary branches, some of those branches bearing spermatangia or carpogonium. Internodes were constituted by globose axial cells and cortical cells.