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n. also car pool
1. An arrangement whereby several participants or their children travel together in one vehicle, the participants sharing the costs and often taking turns as the driver.
2. A group, as of commuters or parents, participating in a carpool.
v. also car-pool car·pooled, car·pool·ing, car·pools
To travel in a carpool.
To transport by means of a carpool: carpool the children to school.

car′pool′er n.
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vb, n
another term for carshare
ˈcarˌpooling n
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n. Also, car′ pool`.
1. an arrangement among automobile owners by which each in turn drives the others to and from a designated place.
2. those included in such an arrangement.
3. Also, car′-pool`. to form or participate in a carpool.
car′pool`er, n.
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(= people)Fahrgemeinschaft f
(= vehicles)Fuhrpark m
vieine Fahrgemeinschaft bilden (with mit)
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'We gave it a lot of thought and came to the conclusion that, in order to maximize our efforts in accelerating our vision of a better mobility ecosystem worldwide, stopping our operations in Manila on the 28th of June would be the most appropriate course of action,' Wunder Carpool said.
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CarpoolWorld has been pioneering scientific web-based carpool matching since its launch in 2000.
Waze is primarily a GPS navigation app, but it ( started offering local carpool matching in San Francisco in 2016.
When the driver-only ban was only a proposal last year, LTFRB said this could lead to 'colorum' carpools. Colorum refers to vehicles that have no franchise to operate from the LTFRB.
The episode, shown on Sky One, as part of James Corden's Late Show, was branded byfans as the "best Carpool Karaoke EVER".
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