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also car·ra·geen·in  (kăr′ə-gē′nən)
Any of a group of closely related colloids derived from Irish moss and several other red algae, widely used as a thickening, stabilizing, emulsifying, or suspending agent in industrial, pharmaceutical, and food products.


(ˌkærəˈɡiːnən) ,




(Biochemistry) a carbohydrate extracted from carrageen, used to make a beverage, medicine, and jelly, and as an emulsifying and gelling agent (E407) in various processed desserts and drinks


or car•ra•gee•nin

(ˌkær əˈgi nən)

a colloidal substance extracted from seaweed used chiefly as a stabilizing ingredient in foods and pharmaceuticals.
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Noun1.carrageenan - a colloidal extract from carrageen seaweed and other red algae
gum - any of various substances (soluble in water) that exude from certain plants; they are gelatinous when moist but harden on drying
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And "degraded" carrageenan, not the type in the toy, was at the centre of a US outcry after tests linked it to a cancer-causing compound.
The Danish sweeteners and food ingredients group Danisco A/S said on Tuesday (15 June) that it had acquired a production line for processing semi-refined carrageenan from the United Kingdom company Scotcol.
This issue's Nutrition Hotline addresses two concerns about soymilk: whether the body can absorb some calcium compounds better than others and if carrageenan in some brands of soymilk is dangerous.
A substance called carrageenan, which can be easily extracted from species of Eucheuma found around the Indian Ocean, is driving this growth.
As the general secretary of Marinalg International, an association representing the worldwide producers of carrageenan, I would like to comment on Tobacman's review article in EHP (1).
A substance called Carragard, extracted from the carrageenan variety of seaweed, has been produced as a gel and researchers hope it will block HIV from entering the body through the vaginal walls and cervix.
Development of gelatin, carrageenan, semi carrageenan and alginate industries in the country are still hampered by the problem over raw material.
In fact, you'll find carrageenan on product labels everywhere.
Major companies, such as Lucky, Kash n' Karry and A&P, started selling low-fat ground beef products containing carrageenan, the same seaweed derivative used by McDonald's, to improve texture and palatability.
1 mL 1% sterile lambda carrageenan in saline into the right hind paw.
The second objective, with a primary geographical focus in South Sulawesi, Indonesia, aims to generate new revenue streams by developing other products from the large amount of waste remaining after seaweed is processed for carrageenan.