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Noun1.carrizo - tall North American reed having relative wide leaves and large plumelike panicles; widely distributed in moist areas; used for mats, screens and arrow shafts
genus Phragmites, Phragmites - reeds of marshes and riversides in tropical or temperate regions
reed - tall woody perennial grasses with hollow slender stems especially of the genera Arundo and Phragmites
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Carrizo Oil & Gas (CRZO) upgraded to Buy from Hold at Jefferies by analyst Mark Lear, who sees value in the shares following the recent underperformance.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 13, 2018-EP Energy Closes Acquisition of Eagle Ford Properties from Carrizo, Divests Altamont Assets
During the 84th Legislature, Abbott included on his list of border security items a state effort to rid the banks of the Rio Grande of Carrizo cane, an invasive species that provides a natural cover for dope smugglers and illegal crossers and impedes law enforcement officers' line of sight.
Materia y memoria, ya sea transformando los materiales, en este caso, el carrizo planta graminea de tallos largos, que ha abierto un surco de luz donde resplandecen las vibraciones cromaticas mas sutiles diluyendose en atmosferas, que filtran el fugaz brillo hiriente hasta amasar su sustancia, hasta darle cuerpo como de claridad coagulada, impregnada, muy sensual.
6th Generation A-Series Processors codenamed CARRIZO L
Another tender launch was held at the Isauro Jose Carrizo School in the township of Ponuga in the district of Santiago, Veraguas province.
A unos 500 kilometros al este se puede divisar lo que podria ser el futuro de los pocos lugares donde el fracking no se ha asentado: Carrizo Springs.
Cleopatra mandarin was notified as salt tolerant while rough lemon, trifoliata orange and Carrizo citrange were reported as sensitive to high salt concentration (Arbona et al.
3] -0,8 MPa -1,2 Mpa Variedade Cleopatra 79 CDc 84 Cb 90 Ba Citrandarim 24 Hb 34 Ga 41 Ga Sunki 79 Dbc 80 Dbc 77 Dc Carrizo 86 Bab 89 Ba 88 BCab Cravo 89 Ac 95 Aab 94 Ab Swingle 65 FGbc 61 Fc 62 Fc Volkameriano 73 Ec 86 BCab 86 Cab Citradia 22 Hc 37 Gb 40 Gab Rangpur 64 Gab 63 EFb 69 Ea Media geral 67 B 73 A 75 A Germinacao Condicionamento [H.
In a recently signed, joint deal, Oil India Ltd and Indian Oil Corporation bought a 30 percent stake in Niobrara, a shale asset of Carrizo Oil and Gas.
NEW DELHI -- Oil India Ltd (OIL) and IndianOil Corporation have joined the great shale Oil and gas rush in the US, jointly picking up 30% stake in a field owned by Houston-based Carrizo Oil and Gas.