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Noun1.carrot stick - a stick of carrot eaten rawcarrot stick - a stick of carrot eaten raw    
crudites - raw vegetables cut into bite-sized strips and served with a dip
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Peeling a carrot stick until my fingerprints turn orange.
Unfortunately, you see it now in all the celebrity magazines, these actresses--and many of them are old enough that they should know better--diet themselves down to a carrot stick. I think most of the clothes today are so ugly that you have to be thin to look good in them.
Some doctors and nurses, perhaps vegetarians, call these "carrot stick" decelerations.
Maybe a juicy carrot stick, I know will do me good!
Friday -- Pizza (cheese or pepperoni), Corn, Carrot Stick & Ranch, Apricots, Milk
She also demanded liposuction although as a size eight she probably had less fat on her than a carrot stick.
A chum has joined Weight Watchers and is woman fully ignoring the chocolate and crisps in favour of the odd carrot stick and a feeling of superiority.
He is rarely seen without a carrot stick dangling from his lip.
So, the morbidly obese are to be given pocket money by the Nanny State to buy a carrot stick rather than a deep fried Mars Bar.
Chicken Caesar salad, whole wheat wrap, carrot stick and ranched-up hummus and strawberries.
Carrot sticks for a healthy GAME ON IF BIKING and walking isn't your thing, a picnic at the park is also a great option.
VEGGING OUT McDonald's held crunch talks and decided green is the new orange as it has replaced carrot sticks with cucumber batons.