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n. Slang
A person with red hair; a redhead.

car′rot-topped′ (-tŏpt′) adj.


informal jocular having red hair
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The carrot-topped pretend prince is also looking for love.
is Robert MacAlistair, 58, from Glasgow with carrot-topped grandchildren, Megan, 10, and sixyear-old twins Ellie and Lucy.
Carrot-topped Royal reporter Nicholas Witchell looks he's been buffed in a sandstorm for the past decade, while rumpled Andrew Marr is less heavyweight presenter, more hassled tourist.
Talking of which, Matt Baker, the thoroughly presentable Monday to Thursday co-presenter of the BBC1 early evening magazine format should be insulted that he has to be replaced, in the name of greater 'celebrity,'' for the extended Friday one-hour version by carrot-topped twit Chris Evans.
YAH BOO: Simply Red's lead singer the carrot-topped Manc Mick Hucknall.
Image: Intense, carrot-topped actor Best known for: NYPD Blue and CSI: Miami Early life: Born January 7, 1956, in Forest Hills, New York.
She must have been shaking her carrot-topped noggin in puzzlement.
It features a carrot-topped sourpuss with the unlikely name of Horatio Caine who heads an investigating team who rush out whenever a dead body pops up in Miami.
Carrot-topped comeback kid Chris Evans resumes control of The Brit Awards - and for that we are glad.
But however philosophically Rist's carrot-topped protagonist may view the twist of fate that led her out of Eden, the trip might easily sweep viewers off their feet.
A late winner from carrot-topped supersub David Fairclough (above) did the trick.