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n. Slang
A person with red hair; a redhead.

car′rot-topped′ (-tŏpt′) adj.
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Noun1.carrottop - someone who has red haircarrottop - someone who has red hair    
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
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MISS DAISY'S KITCHEN Mummy's Carrottop Chutney Miss Daisy's Kitchen was awarded three stars for their Mummy's Carrottop Chutney.
Those that did win them from Wales were: | Mummy's Carrottop Chutney, an "aromatic", "sticky" and spicy dry chutney from Miss Daisy's Kitchen, which is packed with "firm carrot" strands, nigella seeds, turmeric and star anise | The Welsh Venison Centre & Beacons Farm Shop's "beautiful, delicate and super juicy" Rack of Welsh Lamb - 4 boned; | A "moreish, well set and jewel-like" Welsh Blackcurrant Jam from Coedcanlas, based on a Russianinspired recipe with "perfectly cooked blackcurrants that really pop in the mouth, offering an intense, vibrant and joyful flavour".
"He was teased and called names like carrottop, but he just used to laugh it off.