carry permit

car′ry per`mit

a license to carry a handgun on one's person.
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The District's insanely prohibitive concealed carry law should be immediately reformed, making it easier and far more affordable for average citizens to get a carry permit.
Neal has a concealed carry permit and had his pistol with him.
To New Yorkers who want a concealed carry permit, yes.
Sonja, an emergency room nurse who works nights and regularly sees the violent side of humanity, thinks the new carry permit law will be a very good thing.
She has gone through firearms training, has her carry permit and even has two favorite carry pieces.
Mike Beebe, as promised, signed into law a bill giving churches the option of allowing concealed carry permit holders to carry in church.
The student must already possess a valid concealed carry permit.
As Reed wrote, "This story makes five important points: The person who saved the victim's life was a civilian with a Concealed Carry Permit.
Kristen Rand of the Violence Policy Center ramped things up a notch, claiming "Concealed carry permit holders don't prevent mass shootings, they perpetrate them.
Contrary to the gun lobby's propaganda, not all concealed carry permit holders are responsible, law-abiding citizens.
In a vivid demonstration that such policies can have First as well as Second Amendment implications, a federal judge ruled in July that Osceola County Sheriff Douglas Weber violated a man's right to freedom of speech when he denied him a carry permit based on his political activism.