carry weight

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Verb1.carry weight - have influence to a specified degree; "Her opinion carries a lot of weight"
shape, determine, influence, regulate, mold - shape or influence; give direction to; "experience often determines ability"; "mold public opinion"
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له وَزْنٌ
mít váhu
tekintélye van
vegur òungt
mať váhu
etkili olmaketkisi olmak


(ˈkӕri) verb
1. to take from one place etc to another. She carried the child over the river; Flies carry disease.
2. to go from one place to another. Sound carries better over water.
3. to support. These stone columns carry the weight of the whole building.
4. to have or hold. This job carries great responsibility.
5. to approve (a bill etc) by a majority of votes. The parliamentary bill was carried by forty-two votes.
6. to hold (oneself) in a certain way. He carries himself like a soldier.
ˈcarry-all noun
(American) a hold-all.
ˈcarry-cot noun
(American portacrib®) a small bed, like a basket, with handles for carrying a baby.
be/get carried away
to be overcome by one's feelings. She was/got carried away by the excitement.
carry forward
to add on (a number from one column of figures to the next). I forgot to carry the 2 forward.
carry off
to take away by carrying. She carried off the screaming child.
carry on
1. to continue. You must carry on working; Carry on with your work.
2. to manage (a business etc). He carries on a business as a grocer.
carry-on (ˈkari-on) noun
(slang) a fuss; excited behaviour.
carry-on (ˈkari-on) adjective
(of bags or cases) that passengers can carry with them on board a plane.
carry out
to accomplish. He carried out the plan.
carry weight
to have influence. His opinion carries a lot of weight around here.
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References in classic literature ?
She need be accustomed to such loads betimes thought, neighbor, for she will carry weight when you are dead.'
"This is no time to carry weight. I can still stand alone, but--indeed we be no fatted bullocks, we two."
Even if the German defence minister's Brussels appointment is confirmed later Tuesday, she would not take office until November 1, after the Brexit cut-off, but her view may carry weight.
The document will carry weight once a planning application for the site is submitted.
For how to conduct that discourse we can look to the example of the UK's former prime ministers, whose contributions to the debate are sparing, but which always carry weight.
"There is no ethical way to ride an elephant, they are not designed to carry weight on their backs.
Match-fixing is a serious offence and if one is found culpable in Kenya, his punishment will carry weight worldwide,' said Mwendwa.
The court then said, 'As per Akram Sheikh, the court made mistakes in its last decision, however, we feel Abbasi's petition does not carry weight and on this basis the petition is dismissed.'
During course of proceedings, the bench observed that Abbasi's petition did not carry weight, moreover, no lawful point had been raised in the petition that it could be reviewed.
'And now, we realize that our words truly carry weight, thanks to you guys.
To an extent, the statement does carry weight. It is not new militants coming into the region, rather the Taliban pledging allegiance to a new brand of extremism now.