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Small or compact enough to be carried aboard and stowed on an airplane, train, or bus by a passenger: carry-on luggage.
A carry-on bag, suitcase, or other item.


1. of a size suitable for being carried by a passenger onto an airplane.
2. a piece of carry-on luggage.
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noun (Informal, chiefly Brit.) fuss, disturbance, racket, fracas, commotion, rumpus, tumult, hubbub, shindy (informal) What's all the carry-on down here?


[ˌkærɪˈɒn] N (= fuss) → jaleo m, lío m, follón m
what a carry-on!¡qué jaleo or follón!
there was a great carry-on about the ticketsse armó un tremendo lío a causa de los billetes
did you ever see such a carry-on?¿se ha visto un jaleo igual?


[ˌkærɪˈɒn] n (fam) (fuss) → casino, confusione f (000) (fuss) what a carry-on!che casino!


(ˈkӕri) verb
1. to take from one place etc to another. She carried the child over the river; Flies carry disease.
2. to go from one place to another. Sound carries better over water.
3. to support. These stone columns carry the weight of the whole building.
4. to have or hold. This job carries great responsibility.
5. to approve (a bill etc) by a majority of votes. The parliamentary bill was carried by forty-two votes.
6. to hold (oneself) in a certain way. He carries himself like a soldier.
ˈcarry-all noun
(American) a hold-all.
ˈcarry-cot noun
(American portacrib®) a small bed, like a basket, with handles for carrying a baby.
be/get carried away
to be overcome by one's feelings. She was/got carried away by the excitement.
carry forward
to add on (a number from one column of figures to the next). I forgot to carry the 2 forward.
carry off
to take away by carrying. She carried off the screaming child.
carry on
1. to continue. You must carry on working; Carry on with your work.
2. to manage (a business etc). He carries on a business as a grocer.
carry-on (ˈkari-on) noun
(slang) a fuss; excited behaviour.
carry-on (ˈkari-on) adjective
(of bags or cases) that passengers can carry with them on board a plane.
carry out
to accomplish. He carried out the plan.
carry weight
to have influence. His opinion carries a lot of weight around here.
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Among them will be fliers toting a variety of undesirables in their carry-ons, from firearms to gallons of gravy, TSA officials expect.
TSA officers will be available in front of the checkpoint X-ray machines to guide passengers through the changes in the screening process and advise on what items will need to be removed from carry-ons and placed in a bin for X-ray screening.
To read the complete guide covering all there is to know about traditional economy class baggage fees and restrictions for carry-ons to checked baggage for both domestic and international flights for 79 airlines along with helpful money-saving and packing tips, visit Cheapflights.
Carry-ons too large to fit under the seat are subject to the standard bag checking fee of $25 and then on top of that hit with a $25 fee if they wait to check the bag at that gate instead of the desk.
For a family, that could be expensive but we always go Priority to be on the safe side Fortunately our flight from Liverpool wasn't full and everyone was accommodated, unlike last time when too many carry-ons turned into a real bad tempered and belligerent carry on.
This year was no exception but even exceeded our expectations as no amount of sitting, squeezing and squashing would get everything into our bags, carry-ons or suitcases.
For example, parents can manage large bags, teens and tweens can handle carry-on items and young children can be responsible for any small entertainment or comfort items, such as stuffed animals and carry-ons with colouring books and crayons.
The flight attendant union continues to press for regulation limiting carry-on bags to reduce injuries, distractions and conflict caused by carry-ons.
The A320 offers wider and more comfortable 18" seats, wider aisles for faster boarding and more on-board storage space for today's larger carry-ons.
LAST DECEMBER, my family and I landed at San Francisco International Airport with eight suitcases, two car seats, four carry-ons, and a rickety stroller bound with packing tape.
SOLITA MONSOD has a commonsensical suggestion to the authorities who seem to be at their wits' end about what to do with airline passengers caught with bullets/amulets in their checked-in luggage or carry-ons.
Our trains are really busy and we need to make sure there's room for everybody's carry-ons.