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car′ry-out′ n.



1. the act of taking out.
2. something made to be taken out.
3. a store or restaurant preparing food to be eaten elsewhere.
4. intended to be taken from the point of sale and consumed elsewhere: takeout meals.


A. ADJ [meal etc] → para llevar
B. N (= food) → comida f para llevar (esp Scot) (= drink) → bebida f para llevar
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Ahead of the match against Ukraine, French police ordered all supermarkets to lock up their off-sales to stop carry-outs being sold.
But police anticipated that many underagers would bring carry-outs and intercepted buses leaving from Hawick, Galashiels and Duns.
Who's buying at restaurants and carry-outs, 5th ed.
But teens have overcome the problem by phoning for carry-outs to be delivered to private houses.
Most were happy to relax with carry-outs but some of the thousands of kilted foot-soldiers decided to see the famous cathedral.
A COMMUNITY worker in Lurgan has claimed that parents are buying carry-outs for their kids - and dropping them off for a drink with their mates.
In a 30-hour crime spree the thief pointed an object wrapped in a plastic bag at employees working at three carry-outs.
Once in the States, the food is trucked to over 200 customers, from grocery stores to restaurants and carry-outs in the Washington, D.C./Maryland metropolitan area.
Even a ban on taking carry-outs into Glasgow's big bash failed to stop the party atmosphere as 10,000 braved the chill in George Square.
THE Tartan Army have been told they can't get drunk, buy carry-outs or have a tipple in public in a new letter from the SFA.