carrying capacity

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car·ry·ing capacity

1. The maximum number of persons or things that a vehicle or a receptacle can carry: a van with a carrying capacity of 12.
2. Ecology The maximum number of individuals of a given species that the resources available in a given environment can sustainably support.

carrying capacity

(Environmental Science) ecology the maximum number of individuals that an area of land can support, usually determined by their food requirements

car′rying capac`ity

the maximum population of a species that can be supported in a given environment. Symbol: K

carrying capacity

The population of living things that an ecosystem can support without impairing its stability.

car·ry·ing ca·pac·i·ty

n. capacidad de sustención;
___ fatality rateíndice de letalidad;
___ managementadministración de casos.
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1 million dwt, comprising of Newcastlemax, Capesize, Post Panamax, Kamsarmax, Panamax, Ultramax and Supramax vessels with carrying capacities between 52,055 dwt and 209,537 dwt.
The total carrying capacity of the crop land will be the combined effect of the all the carrying capacities of all the inputs like plant nutrients, technology, water, energy, crop genotypes etc.
In the case of double-shear joints such as steel-wood-steel, possible load carrying capacities of the connection (Z) along with its failure modes are summarized in Table 1, where Fe is the dowel bearing strength of timber, t the wood member thickness, d and Myb are diameter and bending yield moment of bolt, respectively.