carrying capacity

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car·ry·ing capacity

1. The maximum number of persons or things that a vehicle or a receptacle can carry: a van with a carrying capacity of 12.
2. Ecology The maximum number of individuals of a given species that the resources available in a given environment can sustainably support.
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carrying capacity

(Environmental Science) ecology the maximum number of individuals that an area of land can support, usually determined by their food requirements
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car′rying capac`ity

the maximum population of a species that can be supported in a given environment. Symbol: K
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carrying capacity

The population of living things that an ecosystem can support without impairing its stability.
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car·ry·ing ca·pac·i·ty

n. capacidad de sustención;
___ fatality rateíndice de letalidad;
___ managementadministración de casos.
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Among which: EC stands for total ecological carrying capacity; [e.sub.c] for ecological carrying capacity per capita ([hm.sup.2]/person); [a.sub.j] for biological production area per capita; [r.sub.j] for balance fator; [y.sub.j] for yield factor; and j for biological production area type.
This larger carrying capacity of the Q-Flex puts RasGas in an even better position to serve its customers by offering them improved economy of scale.
Can be added to bentonite slurries to improve cuttings carrying capacity and to air foam injection mixtures to upgrade all properties, including foam stability and cuttings carrying capacity.
Jalalabad oblast road administration department filed a claim worth 28 million som against gold mining companies working at Ala-Buka and Chatkal rayons for damage caused by them for the roads.Yzat Toktomambetov, chief of Jalalabad oblast road administration department said these gold mining companies use trucks with a carrying capacity of 45-60 tons on the bridges having a carrying capacity of 25 tons only.
The home and garden version offers a carrying capacity of six cubic feet and 200 pounds while the professional series is slightly larger delivering nine cubic feet and 400 pounds of carrying capacity.
By studying browse lines, you can tell if the land is over its carrying capacity or overpopulated.
Andrea Bucci, marketing director at Iveco said: "Key to Daily's success in winning the Best Light Truck title two years in a row is its impressive load carrying capacity, with the range including the largest panel van available on the market, offering a load carrying capacity of 17.2 m3.
A report to county councillors next week says if the approach advocated by the study was followed, the carrying capacity of the North/South Charlton area is deemed sufficient to accommodate both the Middlemoor and Wandylaw schemes.
Only economic fairness, coupled with policies that respect the carrying capacity of all regions of the world, will cool heated global tensions, promote economic achievement and optimize both environmental and human health.
In the case of the Altea XL the vehicle remains a five-seater but gets more rear leg room and greater carrying capacity for luggage.
The all thin-film device is said to have significant multifunctional capabilities when compared to transistors, thanks to its high current carrying capacity and unique modulation gain.
The consortium of PT Pelyaran Meratus - K-Line will build 3 tankers each with a carrying capacity of 153,000 cubic meters to be built by Samsng Heavy Industries.