carrying capacity

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car·ry·ing capacity

1. The maximum number of persons or things that a vehicle or a receptacle can carry: a van with a carrying capacity of 12.
2. Ecology The maximum number of individuals of a given species that the resources available in a given environment can sustainably support.

carrying capacity

(Environmental Science) ecology the maximum number of individuals that an area of land can support, usually determined by their food requirements

car′rying capac`ity

the maximum population of a species that can be supported in a given environment. Symbol: K

carrying capacity

The population of living things that an ecosystem can support without impairing its stability.

car·ry·ing ca·pac·i·ty

n. capacidad de sustención;
___ fatality rateíndice de letalidad;
___ managementadministración de casos.
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handicapped-accessible passenger lift, carrying capacity 1000kg, hoisting height approx.
This is the third write up on Carrying Capacity a topic which everyone should be aware of but hardly any papers or journals care to publish even small write up.
Load carrying capacity of the connections with end distances of 5d and 7d were about the same.
In this situation, how to use water resources reasonably is the most important one, so the concept of water resources carrying capacity is appeared, which is the natural combination of the bearing capacity concept and the water resources field.
Marriym said the IJP road project was completed in 2005 with carrying capacity of only eight tons, however, now its carrying capacity would be enhanced to 25 tons.
Li and Mao [1] have investigated the differences of the tracking time interval between a heterogeneous train and a homogeneous train and found that the carrying capacity of the former was largely dampened.
said Boracay Island had not yet reached its carrying capacity, amid renewed calls for a stop of further development activities and to limit tourist arrivals on the island.
These eco-design Kamsarmax newbuildings have a carrying capacity of 81,800 dwt each, and will be built at Jiangsu Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Co.
Summary: New York: The combined carrying capacity of oil tankers leaving Iranian ports last month rose .
Recent data from the IHS Maritime show that four supertankers, each with a maximum carrying capacity of 2 million barrels, joined NITC's fleet between May and the end of July.
We calculated the carrying capacity of the Skidaway Island State Park (SISP), a portion of Skidaway Island located near the coastal City of Savannah.
Ecological Footprint (EF) and ecological carrying capacity, one method to calculate the difference between natural resource ecological consumption needs (ecological footprint) from human beings and ecological supply (ecological carrying capacity) from the nature, was initially introduced by Canadian ecological economists Professor William Rees (Rees, 1992) and was gradually perfected with his doctoral student Wackemagel in 1996 (Rees, 1996).