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1. Something transferred or extended from an earlier time or another place: a showing of new fashions as well as carryovers from last spring; a carryover of good will from the previous meeting.
2. Accounting A sum transferred to a new column, page, or book relating to the same account.


(ˈkær iˌoʊ vər)

something carried over or postponed to a later time.
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In lieu of a deemed realization rule, Congress has twice chosen an entirely different reform path; namely, the institution of a carryover tax basis regime.
Carryover provision / The CRA allows a sitting Congress to review final rules for 60 legislative days after the rule has been issued.
In addition, an often overlooked consequence of boiler water carryover is the efficiency loss due to wet steam.
It's a capital loss carryover, which Carl can use in the future.
In some cases, these mistakes might not be noticed until after the statute of limitation for the tax year generating the NOL or credit carryover is closed.
Budget carryover at Navy maintenance depots has regularly exceeded allowable amounts over the past decade, raising the possibility that congressional appropriators will cut funding for the repair yards, the Government Accountability Office found.
Even though an employer might want to provide both a grace period and a carryover, a health FSA cannot have both a carryover and a grace period.
X-Type syringes, developed in collaboration with CTC analytics, exhibit an extremely long life with minimal carryover and low adsorption effects.
The FTB has noticed taxpayers filing returns (original or amended) claiming carryover credits they never earned to reduce current tax liabilities.
These leave carryover changes are now reflected in the MILPERSMAN articles that apply (1050-010, 1050-060 and 1050-070).
For example, Maryland regulations provide that a taxpayer cannot use an NOL generated when a corporation is not subject to Maryland income tax law as a deduction to offset Maryland income in a carryover year (Md.
The new maximum levels were proposed further to a European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) assessment, which looked at the risks involved for animal health and public health as a result of this unavoidable residue carryover.