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``It is a formal letter of defiance,'' answered the Templar; ``but, by our Lady of Bethlehem, if it be not a foolish jest, it is the most extraordinary cartel that ever was sent across the drawbridge of a baronial castle.''
``Front-de-B uf has not recovered his temper since his late overthrow,'' said De Bracy to the Templar; ``he is cowed at the very idea of a cartel, though it come but from a fool and a swineherd.''
Indignant as he was at this impertinence, there was something so exquisitely absurd in such a cartel of defiance, that Nicholas was obliged to bite his lip and read the note over two or three times before he could muster sufficient gravity and sternness to address the hostile messenger, who had not taken his eyes from the ceiling, nor altered the expression of his face in the slightest degree.
I would have you bear this in mind, and give great heed to it that you may bring me word of all cartels, challenges, wrongs, tyrannies, infamies, and wronging of damsels.
The ACCC added that this cartel has been investigated and prosecuted in several countries, including the United States.
"This is the third prosecution involving an international shipping company engaging in alleged cartel conduct where criminal charges have been laid under the Competition and Consumer Act," ACCC Chair Rod Sims said.
The EU has fined Barclays Plc (LSE: BARC), RBS (LSE: RBS), Citigroup Inc (NYSE: C), Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc (8306.T) unit, MUFG Bank and JPMorgan (NYSE: JPM) for operating foreign exchange cartels.
Regulators in the European Union have levied a hefty fine on Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland, Citigroup, JPMorgan and Japan's MUFG over collusion in currency trading.The Commission fined the banks for taking part in two separate cartels, the "Forex -- Three Way Banana Split, and the "Forex-Essex Express" cartels.
President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday said the cocaine packages found floating in different provinces onfirmed the presence of big-time international drug cartels in the country.
Polinar explained that it is similar to a whistle-blower program except that under the Leniency Program, the applicants are not just ordinary informants, but are themselves participants or members of the cartel being reported.
The Leniency Program is similar to a whistleblower program except that the informants are themselves members of the cartel in question.
refraining from competition, each firm in a price-fixing cartel can