Carte de visite

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Carte´ de vi`site`

1.A visiting card.
2.A photographic picture of the size formerly in use for a visiting card.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The inside surfaces of the two doors were completely covered with CARTES DE VISITE of former prisoners, ingeniously let into the wood and protected from dirt and injury by glass.
Album of photographs of the Philippines, comprising 85 albumen prints, including 80 cartes de visite. Paris, musee du quai Branly -- Jacques Chirac.
" it was widely visible, in periodicals and on campaign buttons, postcards, cartes de visite, and the like.
| The next meeting of the South Wales Postcard Club will be on Thursday, September 14, at Bethany Baptist Church, Heol Llanishen Fach, Rhiwbina CF14 6LA, 7pm to 9pm, when speaker Steve Rowson will be showing his collection of "Cartes de Visite" of Victorian Britain as his follow-up talk showing these amazing cards on power-point large screen.
The book includes b&w historical photos of each man, taken for cartes de visite, which were small calling cards popular during the Civil War era; many of the images have never published before.
Author Darcy Grigsby, a professor of art history at the University of California-Berkley, establishes a range of important contexts for Truth's portraits: for example, the shared politics of Truth's cartes de visite and federal banknotes, both created to fund the Union cause, and the ways that photography processes of the day complicated the portrayal of darker skin tones.
Il leur manque la publicite et un plan marketing, certains n'ont meme pas de cartes de visite [beaucoup plus grand que], a afirme le ministre.
Its subject is a homonymous body of work for which the Italian artist focused her gaze on the iconographic conventions found in a certain genre of early daguerreotypes, tintypes, and cartes de visite. All these images depict young children held by their mothers, who remain hidden, outside the frame, or shrouded in blankets, steadying their babies during the slow exposure times required by early photographic technologies.
Comme ils sont nombreux dans notre respectable et respectueux ministere!) viennent siffler dans l'oreille gauche de monsieur le delegue: [beaucoup moins que]L'instituteur tel distribue les cartes de visite de sa femme; une voyante qui pratique ses cultes sataniques chez elle, aux instituteurs, surtout aux institutrices...Et le comble, monsieur le delegue !
These include Victorian and Edwardian cartes de visite, small photographs pasted onto a card similar in size to a contemporary visiting card.