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A cartilage cell located in a lacuna of the cartilage matrix.
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The thickness of the cartilage of the knee joint in the Ecd treated animals may either be the result of less cartilage cell death or of increased cartilage cell production or both.
Chondrogenesis is the process by which a mesenchymal cell--a type of stem cell already assigned to become connective tissue or blood cells--turns into a cartilage cell, or chondrocyte.
Using a biochemical cocktail of different steroids and growth factors, the researchers demonstrated that they could "retrain" specific cells that would normally form the structure of fat into another type of cell known as a chondrocyte, or cartilage cell.
In laboratory tests, Rath found that cartilage cell death in the growth plate near the ends of the bones prevents the cartilage tissue from being replaced by new living cells and bone tissue.
Furthermore, the studies have demonstrated that there are differences in the level of cartilage cell stimulation from no stimulation at all to the FORTIGEL level.
From "bionic" shoulder repairs to cutting-edge knee cartilage cell transplants that cost as much as $50,000, more boomers are seeking internal nips and tucks to keep them young.
A lack of lubricin, resulting in higher friction, leads to cartilage cell death - even in the presence of high levels of hyaluronic acid, a viscous fluid that cushions the joints.
We believe that the BioCart([TM]) technology addresses some of the major limitations associated with microfracture procedures as well as current generation autologous cartilage cell transplantation technologies.
For the last decade, Elisseeff's team has been trying to better understand the development and growth of cartilage cells called chondrocytes, while also trying to build scaffolding that mimics the cartilage cell environment and generates new cartilage tissue.
If she had received a cartilage cell transplant at that time, she might have avoided developing osteoarthritis, according to her physician, Thomas P.
an innovator of tissue regenerative technologies to relieve pain and restore the mobility and quality-of-life for sufferers of articular cartilage injuries, today announced that it received the Genzyme Award for Excellence in Cartilage Research for its poster presentation entitled, "Comparative Analysis of Cell Sources for Cartilage Cell Therapy.
Adult Stem Cell Population Isolated from Adult Testicular Tissue Demonstrates Significant Propensity to Differentiate to Bone and Cartilage Cell Lineages as Well as Other Cell Types