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The art or technique of making maps or charts.

[French cartographie : carte, map (from Old French, from Latin charta, carta, paper made from papyrus; see card1) + -graphie, writing (from Greek -graphiā; see -graphy).]

car·tog′ra·pher n.
car′to·graph′ic (kär′tə-grăf′ĭk), car′to·graph′i·cal adj.
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Adj.1.cartographic - of or relating to the making of maps or charts
haritacılığa ait


[ˌkɑːtəʊˈgræfɪk] ADJcartográfico



(kaːˈtogrəfi) noun
carˈtographer noun
ˌcartoˈgraphic (-ˈgrӕ-) adjective
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An early attempt to help resolve this cartography gap was the development of an Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standard called Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD), which describes how to render layers of geographic features using well-known digital cartographic practices.
Desimini and Waldheim analyze ten modes of cartographic representation, arguing for a cross-disciplinary approach to visualization in cartography.
There are several informative chapters beginning with Chapter 3 "Comparing Standards," Chapter 4 "Navigating RDA to Describe Cartographic Resources Elements, and Chapter 5 "Cartographic Resources Cataloging.
Everything was much hazier and our forebears would have been puzzled by sovereignty over a specific geographical space being defined almost exclusively by cartographic lines.
It should be noted that the Lithuanian scholastic geographical cartographic production is a sore point which actually is neglected.
This reader, then, is intended as a primer for students, academics, and lay readers on key texts from the past half century of cartographic research in order to illustrate the diverse philosophy, history, praxis, and technologies of mapping.
His work was recognised in 1991 when his team won the British Cartographic Society Design Award, whose winners in other years include the Atlas of Antarctica and the mapping of Hong Kong.
Tableau will now be able to offer its customers map visualisations with a choice of cartographic styles and fonts, more detailed boundaries, intelligent label placement, greater international coverage and up to 16 zoom levels.
The International Cartographic Association (ICA) is committed to supporting existing educational courses and providing specialist courses wherre needed.
If your taste is more literary than cartographic then watch our for the collection of books on Welsh topography.
This textbook examines the choices considered when creating geographic representations and cartographic representations, transforming spherical coordinates to planar coordinates, and modeling geographic data.