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The art or technique of making maps or charts.

[French cartographie : carte, map (from Old French, from Latin charta, carta, paper made from papyrus; see card1) + -graphie, writing (from Greek -graphiā; see -graphy).]

car·tog′ra·pher n.
car′to·graph′ic (kär′tə-grăf′ĭk), car′to·graph′i·cal adj.
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Adj.1.cartographical - of or relating to the making of maps or charts
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Both the cartographical and spiritual center of Paris focuses on Notre Dame Cathedral, this Gothic masterpiece which has been an architectural icon of France since the Middle Ages.
Cartographical Surveys (Aerial survey photography of locations in the UK)
Agamben is conceptualizing extraterritoriality that counters a strictly cartographical delimitation of the territory of the modern nation-state as something structurally inherent in the territory.
Apart from the exhibit of vintage maps, many never seen before in the Philippines, the symposium will feature lectures by local and international academics and experts on all things cartographical.
Known for her off-beat projects (she's one of the authors behind the graphic novel Aphrodite -- The Naked Truth ) and her passion for the island -- "it's been a long relationship, but I'm still in love!" she laughs" -- Christiane teamed up with graphic designer Marcos Gittis and illustrator Nicolas Rivero to bring cartographical Cyprus to life: an undertaking that, she explains, fills a real gap in the market.
House research is a fascinating combination of legal, architectural, genealogical and cartographical studies.
PHOTO| COURTESY(I, for one, pooh-pooh the fault line theory explaining the Suswa phenomena, which were not very far from where I was experimenting with my ego-driven cartographical abilities.
Because labor markets are not generally statewide by their nature, it is valuable to explore the opioid crisis through the lens of cartographical analysis.
His detective work twice involves a cartographical retracing of Mansfield's footsteps, when he follows the route she took to school in Karori, and walks the streets of Thorndon she knew:
The procedure is then interfaced with a spreadsheet software for the CBA and with a GIS software to produce cartographical representations of the main variables.
A merging of personal and cartographical histories was evident throughout Ana Vidigal's solo show, particularly in two attention-grabbing works, stationed near the gallery entrance, whose elements and titles both offered valuable clues as to the exhibition's larger concerns.