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A material consisting of linen or papyrus strips covered with wet plaster, used in ancient Egypt especially for molding mummy cases and funeral masks.

[French : carton, cardboard, carton; see carton + -age, -age (from Old French; see -age).]
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This mummy's headdress is made of cartonnage (glued layers of papyrus or linen) and covered with gilding.
The press release added that the mission found various vessels containing bitumen for mummification and white cartonnage ready to be painted.
Also on display here will be an Egyptian polychrome and gilt cartonnage mummy mask, with lappets decorated with scenes depicting Osiris and Horus, and Anubis and Horus (Fig.
And Nakhtefmut, a dazzling example of cartonnage made from layers of linen and glue, from about 923BC is decorated with the winged deities of the Sons of Horus and Osiris and is covered with texts, one of which records that he was the "opener of the two gates of heaven in Karnak", the man whose job it was to open the gates to the sanctuary that contained the figure of Amun-Re, one of the most powerful deities in ancient Egypt.
Au 30 juin 2014 les revenus de la societe industrielle de l'enveloppe et du cartonnage Al Khoutaf ' [Traduisez l'hirondelle], s'etablissaient a 7.959.949 DT, en regression de 11,92 % comparativement a ceux de la meme annee 2013, alors que les revenus provenant des exportations totalisent 517.539 dinars et ont evolue de 19,24 %.
Since papyri from mummy cartonnage are a Ptolemaic phenomenon and government archives were the principal sources of such papyrus, contracts are relatively underrepresented.
Bits of coffins made from wood and a plastered material known as cartonnage indicate that tomb KV 40 was used again as a burial ground in the ninth century B.C., for members of priestly families during Egypt's Third Intermediate Period.
The auction begins with fantastic finds from ancient Egypt, most notably a large Egyptian wood standing male figure (Lot 3), spectacular in size and detail, a colorful fish of Egyptian faience (Lot 13), and a collection of brilliant Egyptian Cartonnage Panels (Lots 22-24;33-34).
The University of Manchester researcher Dr Jacky Finch wanted to find out if a three part wood and leather toe dating from between 950 to 710 BC found on a female mummy buried near Luxor in Egypt, and the Greville Chester artificial toe from before 600 BC and made of cartonnage (a sort of papier mache mixture made using linen, glue and plaster), could be used as practical tools to help their owners to walk.
When it is opened this week, archaeologists will likely find a mummy and a cartonnage mask moulded to her face.
(41) This is made clear from a papyrus that was recovered from mummy cartonnage from Abusir el-Melek and found to contain a royal decree dating from February 33 BC, granting him a number of privileges that may even have been signed by Cleopatra herself.