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A material consisting of linen or papyrus strips covered with wet plaster, used in ancient Egypt especially for molding mummy cases and funeral masks.

[French : carton, cardboard, carton; see carton + -age, -age (from Old French; see -age).]
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In a briefer contribution, Sandra Lippert also speculates on the location, land-use, and identities of the inhabitants of the same village, using groups of documents reconstructed from cartonnages.
USA Anjou Emballages, France Cartonnages Industriels Mehunois, France Pakkausjaloste Oy, Finland ISC Inc.
Il reste une trace de ce renversement copernicien, un indice humoristique de ce changement et de ce congediement du modele canonique: "ici les cartonnages Marcel Proust" comme exemple de "correspondant derange" au telephone.