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or car·touch  (kär-to͞osh′)
1. A structure or figure, often in the shape of an oval shield or oblong scroll, used as an architectural or graphic ornament or to bear a design or inscription.
2. An oval or oblong figure in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics that encloses characters expressing the names or epithets of royal or divine personages.
3. A heavy paper cartridge case.

[French, from Italian cartoccio, paper cornet, from carta, card, paper; see carton.]
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Noun1.cartouch - a cartridge (usually with paper casing)
cartridge - ammunition consisting of a cylindrical casing containing an explosive charge and a bullet; fired from a rifle or handgun
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with a musket or firelock, with a bayonet, a cartouch box to contain twenty three cartridges, a priming wire, a brush and six flints, all in good order, on or before the first day of April next, under the penalty of forty shillings, and shall keep the same by him at all times, ready and fit for service, under the penalty of two shillings and six pence for each neglect or default thereof on every muster day").
1 Silver chafindish & wood handle 1 Paire shoe buckle 1 Trunk with old letters 10 vialls Bergamott some empty vial and Trumpery 1 Small Morter & Pestall 1 Small box with Viall Bergamott 1 Bagg with a small matter of pepper 1 Old Cartouch box 40 Reams & some loose paper 2 Bales Spanish paper 12 ps Tandems 7 ps Ozenbrigs 1 ps Broad brown French Linings 2 Remnants Ditto 1 Small Remnant Ozenbrigs 8 doz.