cartridge brass

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Noun1.cartridge brass - an alloy of copper and zinc (containing about 30% zinc) that is wrought into cartridges or tubing
brass - an alloy of copper and zinc
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Pressure-tested up to 65,000 psi, it's much stronger than conventional cartridge brass but also approximately 50 percent lighter.
In designs of this kind modern cartridge brass can handle pressures to around 90 to 95,000 psi according to most sources.
All About That Brass The cartridge brass that Federal uses in the GMM line is also exceptional.
Until recently, most used cartridge brass sales were put up for public bid through Government Liquidations, bids available to scrap metal purchasers, foundries processing brass, and specialized cartridge brass processors that reconditioned millions of surplus cartridge brass for sale to commercial reloaders of civilian ammunition, and to civilians for private ammunition loading.
The slug jacket is made from high-strength cartridge brass and is bonded to ensure over 95 percent weight retention.