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Noun1.cartridge holder - a metal frame or container holding cartridgescartridge holder - a metal frame or container holding cartridges; can be inserted into an automatic gun
gun - a weapon that discharges a missile at high velocity (especially from a metal tube or barrel)
pincurl clip - a variety of clip for holding pin curls
supply chamber - a mechanical device for holding something and supplying it as needed
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Caption: A few more goodies to make your hunt better--the butt cuff cartridge holder and clip of five cartridges, Otis cleaning kit, a first-aid kit equipped with Celox, gauze, tourniquet, nitrile gloves and Israeli bandage.
Since I would take it into the woods long before deer hunting would start, I added a CAA light mount with green bulb-equipped Ledwave Raptor light, Harris bi-pod attached to a CAA P-rail sling-stud adapter, CAA aluminum four-rail handguard, CAA magazine holder, and Butler Creek nylon sling with cartridge holder (some states do not allow deer hunters to carry extra magazines), and topped it off with a Burris Fullfield 30 4.5x-14x scope.
Having discussed Shot Scope's requirements, Intertronics recommended a cost-effective combination consisting of an F5200N.1 gantry robot, 790HP-LF high pressure dispensing valve controlled by a SL101N digital liquid dispenser, and 310ml dispensing cartridge holder for the material feed - all manufactured by its partner Fisnar.
Of all parts an insulin pen consists of a cartridge holder that holds the insulin cartridge, a dose knob to measure the dose, a screw to push the dialed dose of insulin out of the cartridge, a pen needle to inject insulin, and a pen cap to cover the needle and cartrige holder.
Operators simply insert the Semkit package into the machine, tighten the cartridge holder and run the machine.
Using a device with a cracked or broken cartridge holder may result in the device delivering a reduced dose of insulin, which could potentially lead to high blood sugar.
The Taser Side Mount Plate allows users to mount the Taser X26 Cartridge Holder to the Taser X26 holster.
Assembly and welding of the fluid path components (Vartridge, cartridge holder and transfer unit) to produce the finished fluid path.
Held in place by four easy access fasteners, with the lower cartridge holder attached by tie rods, the breather's design eliminates the need for baffle plates for even distribution of air flow.
It accepts standard filter cartridges and can be used with BX1200 accessories such as Double Cartridge Holder, In-Tank Floating Skimmer, and carbon treatment attachments.
A cartridge holder made of soft leather that snuggles on my belt as if it were born there.