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The two companies have agreed to cooperate in the development, manufacturing and marketing of exenatide once weekly in a dual-chamber cartridge pen configuration.
Amylin and Lilly have agreed to develop, manufacture and market the drug in a dual chamber cartridge pen device.
The fourth is the most recent, being a Sheaffer Imperial cartridge pen from the 1970s, the successor to the famous PFM or Pen For Men.
It includes a student cartridge pen, lightweight 128mm safety scissors, rubber-tipped left-handed pencil, flexible container pencil sharpener and 17cm left-handed ruler.
It looks like a cartridge pen, with a brush for accurate application at one end and a polish corrector nib at the other.
By then (1957) pen manufacturers had developed ink cartridge pens so fountain pens and the ink holders in the desks were outmoded.
Products affected include Scottish cashmere, bath preparations, chandeliers, biscuits, electric coffee makers and cartridge pens.
50 each, cartridge pens, pounds 2 each, Paperchase: 0171 323 3707.
The range includes everything from ring binders, rulers and record bags to pencil cases and cartridge pens.